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The features like Hi – Lo level control, headphone volume and separate guitar/headphone inputs, are a step above. At first, the hardware seems to be another cheaply constructed plastic device. After playing with it for an hour or two, it really feels fairly sturdy and could definitely hold up to some travel. The light weight doesn’t hurt either. Together, they make for a great mobile recording device one-two punch. The long USB cord is a big plus as well.

Guitar Link ships with an amp simulator named Native Instruments AC Box Combo (discussed later in detail) and a simple multi-track DAW named EnergyXT2 (a simple to use recording software). Both come fully licensed. For the price, this seems like a nice touch. With the free software, however, you get what you pay for.


Closer Look:


The Guitar Link is a what you see is what you get product with the a switch, dial, two jack ports and one USB cable. This simplistic design will keep the number of features low, but also it keeps the setup and use simple too as you won’t have to continue to tinker with it to get what your looking for.


Installing the drivers is fairly simple. There are times it appears to be stalled, but be patient and the next screen will appear. It also gave the impression of installing a driver via plug n play on Windows 7 when just plugging in the device. After reading a few articles, I chose to install the proper driver offered at the Behringer website at


install-1 install-2

After downloading, you unzip the RAR file and locate Setup.exe.

After running setup.exe, you will receive the UAC. Select Yes

install-3 install-4

The USB / ASIO drive begins the install process. Select your language and click OK

Now, select Install the driver

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