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BioShock Infinite PC Review

One of this year’s biggest game releases is finally out in the wild, and while the game has been with us a few weeks now, it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally sit down and enjoy it, but with so much hype and anticipation prior to the games release, has it lived up to the expectations of the games hardcore fans, not to mention the desires of a new generation of gamers who may never have played the first two games in the series?

While this is the third title released in the BioShock series its set some time before the events of the first two games, a prequel if you will. Yet it’s not directly tied to the plot lines of either of the previous games either, although there are still some connecting themes as it is still set in the same universe and timeline. New comers to the series can easily pick up and play this new title without a worry about story lines and knowing what is going on.

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