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Black Hat 2011: PWNIE Awards


Every year Black Hat gives out awards for “Extra Special” achievements in the security and networking world.  This year was no exception and some of the awards were landslides.  Sony came out on top with the most FAILS for the year-long PS3 battle with jailbreaking and (lack of) network security.  A full list of awards include:

  • Best Server-Side Bug: ASP.NET Framework Padding Oracle
  • Best Client-Side Bug: FreeType vulnerability in iOS
  • Best Privilege Escalation Bug: Windows Kernel win32k user-mode callback vulnerabilities
  • Most Innovative Research: Securing the Kernal via Static binary Rewriting and Program Shepherding
  • Lifetime Achievement: pipacs/PaX Team
  • Lamest Vendor Response: RSA SecurID token compromise
  • Best Song: The Light it Up Contest –geohot
  • Most Epic FAIL: Sony (with 5 recognitions)
  • Epic 0wnage: Stuxnet

Further explanation of each award and the judges can be found here.

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