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Buffalo Air Station AC1300 N900 802.11ac Wireless Router Review @ Legit Reviews

Today we take a look at what the next-generation of wireless computing looks like. Buffalo Technology has unveiled their newest flagship router, the WRZ-D1800H AC1300 Dual-Band Wireless Router featuring the first ever 5G Wi-Fi, or 802.11ac standard, designed to achieve gigabit speeds over wireless. Read on to see how the newest standard in Wi-Fi performs.


“Let me just cut to the chase and tell you that the Buffalo WZR-D1800H Air Station is by far the fastest router I have ever seen. Actually, all the credit goes to the brand new wireless standard, 802.11ac that is working over the 5Ghz bandwidth. It was pretty fun to experience these speeds for this review and it actually translated well when we connected it to our home network…”

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