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CES 2011: CES UNVEILED Roundup


CES 2011: CES UNVEILED Roundup

The CES 2011 Trade chow produced by CEA will be the largest show held in Vegas since the inception of CES. CES Unveiled the first of press event of CES kicked off at the Venetian on Tuesday January 4th. Over 60 different companies comprised the sneak-peak event held a couple of days before the main trade show begins at the Las Vegas Convention Center this Thursday. Join us as we highlight some of this years exhibition products…

  • amdfusion_twlAMD featured the “Fusion” APU, the combination of CPU and GPU into one chip resulting in lower power computing.  There were many notebook models on display at Unveiled featuring the new high-performance, extended battery life chip. AMD’s fusion will make a huge impact on the notebook market this year, watch out for Fusion powered notebooks arriving at stores near you shortly.
  • lenovo_u1_techwarelabsLenovo showing off a full range of notebooks but the most impressive being the Lenovo U1 notebook/tablet hybrid.  Presented was an i5 laptop running Windows 7 with a screen/tablet running Android. The tablet could be removed and replaced in under 5 seconds and without powering off. Currently available overseas, the U1 should be coming to the USA in the coming months, see below for video demonstration of the U1.
  • hp_estation_techwarelabsHP showcased their latest All-in-one printer devices which were actually released to market last October, put one product stands out: The HP Photosmart eStation. A high quality 5-ink system all-in-one printer featuring a 7″ Android 2.2 tablet mounted right on the printer. The printer and tablet system retails for $399, less than the cost of a decent tablet device and photo class AiO combined. The tablet features WiFi, SD card slot, and a full range of apps, but no camera, or marketplace.
  • technocel_techwarelabsTECHNOCEL features 2 new devices; the POWERPAK XT and Battery Boost. POWERPAK XT: The ultimate universal charging solution combines a standard travel charger with a built-in battery for on-the-go use. The Battery Boost functions as a portable battery pack with a microSD card reader built in, connects to your computer via USB and is about the size of a large thumb drive. Both devices solve the modern problem of batteries dying before the end of the work day. Simply connect either device to your phone and charge up without any wall outlets in sight!
  • pipsqueak_techwarelabsSeeker Technology presented the PIPSqueak, the “never miss a call again” bluetooth device.  The sleek 1 inch square metallic phone accessory pairs with your smartphone thru bluetooth allowing the user to view the date/time, accept/reject/extend wait-time of incoming calls. The device will also alert by sound, vibration, and LED when your phone and the PIPSqueak move too far away from each other, acting like a loss prevention system for your phone.
  • usm_seagate_techwarelabsSeagate & SATA-IO now have a new standard called USM presented at the unveiled show last night. The new interface will be built into many popular devices such as computer cases (Thermaltake & Antec cases premiered at show) Televisions, settop boxes, gaming systems, and more as partners integrate this latest SATA connection into their products

SATA Universal Storage Module (USM™) specification for portable storage applications enables developers to incorporate slots into televisions, game consoles, set-top boxes, computers, docking stations and other consumer electronic devices that will accept powered, cable-free storage modules with integrated powered SATA interfaces for expanding storage capacity. Devices based on the USM specification extend the speed and reliability of volume storage I/O to the consumer electronics market and eliminate the need for a separate cable of power supply.

  • npower_techwarelabsnPower Hate knowing that your portable electronics will run out of juice before you get home from a day out? nPower has the solution, the PEG or Personal Energy Generator. Using the kinetic energy generated by walking the PEG will power your charge your portable electronics on the go via USB. Pack it in your backpack, connect to your portable device, and walk on… that simple
  • Liquid Image has the perfect gear for extreme sports and photography enthusiast, a lineup of goggles featuring photo and video cameras capable of HP 1080p H.264 video.
    liquidimage_techwarelabs liquidimage2_techwarelabs
  • House of Marley previewed a long lineup of high end audio gear and accessories, ranging from headphones to full size portable boombox iPod docks.
    marley13_techwarelabs marley1_techwarelabs marley12_techwarelabs
  • motion_techwarelabsMotion Computing , one of the many companies offering tablet pcs at this years CES, presented a line up including the F5, C5, and  CL900 Windows 7 tablet. The CL900 features an Oak Trail Intel Atom processor, up to 2GB RAM,  a 30GB or 62GB SSD, and front + rear video cameras (conferencing). The company talked about simplified future expansion options and the rugged business nature of the tablet device but were light on the details. Price is expected to start at $1000
  • ihome_techwarelabsiHome continuing their legacy of portable electronics accessories had a wide selection of Apple product accessories on display at the unveiled event. A great looking iPad dock featuring bluetooth connectivity was part of the display. This dock is also compatible with other iPod and iPhone devices making it a sort of universal dock for the Apple fan.


Lenovo U1

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  1. Tablet PC trend I think will still hot this year. Lenovo U1 is really interesting gadget. I definitely want to try Lenovo U1 (or some similar product) when they available in my country. It really catches my attention because I think netbook is not so practice and heavy to bring everywhere but I still need it for more advance task that tablet PC can’t do and of course it’s more convenience to type in physical keyboard.


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