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CES 2011: Sennheiser offers more mobile headsets for on-the-go music lovers

As more and more music lovers rely on their mobile devices to listen to music and chat with family and friends, Sennheiser has developed several headsets built especially for use with multimedia devices. During the last two years, Sennheiser launched eight new headsets for the iPhone, the iPad and other Apple products*. Now the audio specialist is announcing its latest addition to the range – the CX 980i hi-fi ear canal headset. Sennheiser also recently expanded its line of full-size, Bluetooth® wireless headsets with the MM 550 TRAVEL, which was selected in October as the official travel headset of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

Made for iPhone
The headset versions of successful headphone models from Sennheiser’s ‘Portable Entertainment’ series combine top-quality sound with a convenient hands-free system. The microphone and control unit are integrated into the cable and allow the Apple product to be controlled at the push of a button or by voice commands.

“The headsets complement the design and user-friendliness of the iPhone and other supported Apple products with top-quality sound from Sennheiser and intuitive useful communication functions,” explained Ivan Kuan, senior product manager of consumer electronics at Sennheiser. The nine versions for the iPhone can be recognized by the additional ‘i’ in the audio specialist’s product name: the models CX 980i, IE 8i, MM 80i TRAVEL, MM 70i, CX 880i, PX 100-IIi, PX 200-IIi, HD 218i and HD 238i are the ideal choice for all those who want to enjoy music in the best quality on their iPhone or iPod.

A wide range of functions can be controlled with a single button. Depending on how often and how long the button is pressed, music tracks and videos can be played, paused or skipped to the next/previous song. The same button can also be used to receive and end phone calls and to activate the voice control function. This Apple function makes it possible to use voice commands to retrieve a song and respectively a telephone number on the latest iPod touch version and the iPhone 4. The volume is conveniently controlled by a plus and minus button.

iPhone headsets at a glance:

  • CX 980i – Hi-fi ear-canal headphones with in-line microphone
  • IE 8i (MSRP: $599.95)- High-end ear-canal earphones with in-line microphone
  • MM 80i TRAVEL  – Travel ear-canal earphones with in-line microphone
  • CX 880i (MSRP: $179.95) – Balanced ear-canal earphones with in-line microphone
  • MM 70i (MSRP: $129.95) – Dynamic bass-focused ear canal earphones with in-line microphone
  • PX 100-IIi (MSRP: $119.95) – Open, foldable mini headphones with in-line microphone
  • PX 200-IIi (MSRP: $149.95) – Closed, foldable mini headphones with in-line microphone
  • HD 218i (MSRP: $99.95) – Closed mini headphones with in-line microphone
  • HD 238i (MSRP: $169.95) – Open mini headphones with in-line microphone

The Sennheiser models with a remote control function are compatible with latest versions of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook. Voice Control is supported by iPhone 4 and latest iPod touch**. The new product range is available worldwide, with the exception of the MM 80i, which is not available in the US.  The new CX 980i and CX 880i will be available in January through Sennheiser’s distribution network, at Apple Online and in Apple Stores.

Bluetooth wireless mobile headsets
Sennheiser announces the latest addition to its line of Bluetooth wireless mobile headsets, the MM 550 TRAVEL. The headset combines the first-class comfort, quality and convenience of a state-of-the-art Bluetooth headset with a luxury noise-cancelling headphone.

The MM 550 TRAVEL joins the MM 450 TRAVEL, MM 400 and MM 100 Bluetooth wireless headsets. Each combines Sennheiser’s class-leading hi-fi headphone technology with stereo Bluetooth and a superb, high-quality microphone. Conveniently placed controls, award-winning foldable designs and all-around plug-and-play ease-of-use enhance users’ travel and entertainment experiences.

“We’ve noticed more and more music lovers using their mobile phones to listen to music on the go,” said Guido Karbautzki, head of sales and marketing at Sennheiser Communications. “Our new headsets are built specifically for multimedia mobile devices. We’ve packed them with quality to boost the listening experience. They’re an essential piece of communication equipment for anyone who’s serious about music.”

“MM” series mobile headsets at a glance

  • MM 550 TRAVEL (MSRP: $649.95)- Premium stereo Bluetooth headset that cancels out 90% of outside noise using Sennheiser’s exclusive NoiseGard™ 2.0 active noise cancellation technology. Also features around-the-ear cups, SRS Labs’ new SRS WOW HD™ technology for more immersive listening, and TalkThrough technology that lets travelers speak to flight attendants or seatmates without removing the headset.
  • MM 450 TRAVEL (MSRP: $589.95)– Premium stereo Bluetooth headset that cancels out 90% of outside noise using Sennheiser’s exclusive NoiseGard™ 2.0 active noise cancellation technology. Also features TalkThrough technology.
  • MM 400 (MSRP: $349.95) – State-of-the-art Bluetooth headset with invisible microphone, soft padded ear cushions and range of connectivity options.
  • MM 100 (MSRP: $199.95) – Stereo Bluetooth headset with ultra-light neckband that’s ideal for use during workouts, walks or relaxing.

All MM series Bluetooth mobile headsets are available now from selected consumer electronics retailers.

Sennheiser’s mobile music line also includes a joint partnership with sporting goods manufacturer adidas. In fall 2010, Sennheiser and adidas extended their joint sports headphone line with the addition of four new models specially developed and designed for use with the iPhone.

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  1. The Versions of models of helmet headset Sennheiser successful series entertainment notebook combines high sound quality with a convenient speakerphone. The microphone and control is integrated in the cable and the product from Apple to control the touch of a button or by voice commands.

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