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Chenbro RM41416B Rack Mount Server Case


The monster storage machine:

One of the biggest assets that can be given to a network is additional storage, toward that end Chenbro has produced the RM41416B Rack mount case. The RM41416B Chenbro case will allow you to add a server to your network that can take advantage of the 16 drive storage bays it provides. With the potential for 16 drives to be utilized for backup and storage purposes you can potentially save thousands by utilizing the RM41416B as a SAN as well as a general purpose server.


4U rack mount case.

In the following section I will show a closer look at the overall product, Although the case is rather large (4U ) its size is tempered by its usability, having access to 16 drive bays isĀ  a huge boon to any small or medium sized business. Beyond being very useful to businesses this case will be a huge boon to people looking to set up a powerful backup solution for their network or are looking at setting up a large scale raid for a large LAN party of the type Techwarelabs hosts occasionally.

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  1. Why was this comment deleted

    Why are messages being deleted?

    • The comment wasn’t deleted. We simply have comment approval enabled so that spam doesn’t get posted. If you create a log in, you will be able to post comments without approval after we approve two comments. If you begin to post spam, we delete the account and ban your IP for 30 days.

  2. I don’t quite get it…what was actually reviewed here? Honestly, it feels more like a generic description of the case than anything else. There’s no measurement of temperatures, sound levels, how the system worked loaded out let alone how it handled drives being hot swapped out or not.

    All the pictures look like stock photos from Chenbro, not ones taken by the site. What are the specs of the hardware loaded out in pic3? What hardware was tested in the system? Any issues found during install? Seriously…what was TESTED? What was REVIEWED?

    You talked about the power supply being optional but only show pictures with it. If you did test it what was its efficiency? power draw? voltage/amps on various rails? You talk about all the cabling being extra for the hotswap bays but show cabling in the system. Well…what was tested then?

    This wasn’t a review. It was a PR piece

    • Chris,

      I agree, there should have been more testing. Although it may seem like a “PR piece”, as you put it, it was not designed to be this way. As the managing editor, I honestly appreciate comments like this one, as It shows us what you are looking for in the review.

      As for the power supply, It is almost impossible to test the efficiency of a power supply without specialized equipment that costs upwards of $100,000. anyone who tells you otherwise is either misinformed or lying. We test power supplies to ensure that they are within ATX standards.

      The fact that you thought badly enough about this review to comment on it is a sign that we need to take a better look at how we review certain items.

      Managing Editor


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