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Quote: “A few months back Cooler Master allowed me to review The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro (QFP).  In that review I proclaimed that “Cooler Master hit the nail on the head when focusing on the important aspects of a gaming keyboard.” If you read the review you’ll know that I really liked the Quick Fire Pro and then Cooler Master up and HAD to send me the CM Storm Trigger. The CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for all intents and purposes is the “smarter hotter sister” of the Quick Fire Pro. Even though I’ve been hooked on the Roccat ISKU Illuminated Gaming Keyboard recently why do I feel like I’m cheating? I really need to get out more…The CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the first gaming keyboard that Bob asked me to review in what I refer to as the “dime-piece” category. For the most part, regardless of price, the recent gaming keyboards I’ve reviewed for ThinkComputers have been in the Mid-Upper price tier of gaming peripheral products. The Trigger on the other hand is in the highest price tier and is supposed to be the best of the best that Cooler Master has to offer.  Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.”

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