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Comodo hacker says he’s protesting U.S. policy

Hacking to protest a country. . . Creative defense. Wonder if he will try hacking to protest being sent to jail. I wonder how his software skills will help him when the inmates test out his software. Hope he has a good firewall for his backdoor.

After a hacker obtained fraudulent digital certificates that could be used to impersonate Google, Yahoo, Skype, and other major Web sites, the security company that issued them blamed the Iranian government.

There is only “one conclusion,” Comodo, the Jersey City, N.J.-based issuer of digital certificates said in a report tracing the intrusion to Iran. “This was likely to be a state-driven attack.”

Well, not quite. The perpetrator claims to be a 21-year-old Iranian patriot–a “single programmer with the experience of 1,000 programmers”–who told CNET he carried out the intrusion in large part to protest the policies of the U.S. government.

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