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So You SNAFU’d Your Computer? What Now?


OMG It’s All Messed Up. . .

If you know how to fix computers, have ever put a computer together, or can type faster than your Aunt Edna, it’s a good chance someone in your family has asked you for help when their computer becomes something for the F.U.B.A.R record books. This happens to me on a monthly basis. I decided to write this out as helpful advice for anyone in a similar situation. We’ve discussed preventative measures.  But, lets say the inevitable happens and you suspect a computer on your network has an infection.

  1. Remove the PC from the internet.
  2. Attempt to determine the severity of the infection.
  3. The best possible option is to reinstall the operating system, or restore the computer using a previously created image with software such as Symantec Ghost, or Acronis True Image.

***It is very important to note these system images are not to be confused with windows system restore.  I have never seen a single thing “restored” with this software except more viruses, and problems. ***

If you don’t have a thumb drive, to download and install software form another computer than you can leave the system attached to the net, however I have seen some particularly nasty things that will reinstall themselves and replicate, like Tribbles, Lol Cats, Super Herpes, or some other fiendish nerd reference.

There is definitely malware out there that prevent you from installing software, removing software, or in some cases, they will even prevent you from entering safe mode. If you happen to be dealing with one of these, I’m truly sorry you are beyond the help of this web based article.

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