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Top 10 Predictions for Computex 2010

With Computex just around the corner we took a look at the technology of the last year, trends, and recent events to make some predictions about what consumers can possible look forward to from this years Computex 2010. The mega consumer electronics and gadgets show held in Taiwan each year draws some a large crowd and analysts from around the world.  Myself and Matthew Homan are honored to attend the show this year and bring you coverage but until then you might be asking yourself whats all the commotion about?

Last year (2009) Computex drew 34,829 visitors outside Taiwan and 118,987 local attendees to the show. Each year for the past 5 years the show has drawn a greater and greater overseas attendance and that should tell you something. The world is watching what this small country located on the opposite side of the world from the US is doing. The Computex show makes a global impact with waves that will certain hit our shores and many others.

From 1999 to 2009 the show has nearly doubled the number of exhibitors with products on display from 907 to 1,712 for a total of 4,498 booths in 2009. That is a lot of silicon to look at and not to mention $$$ being spent on this convention. From a larger perspective the government of Taiwan has a vested interest in international trade and its arm Taitra expends considerable efforts to make sure the show is a financial success. If the same were true for CES I would gamble there would have been a lot less empty space at the show in January of this year.

So now you have some idea about the impact and importance that Computex has for both Taiwan and the world.   What does this mean for you? It means for us here in the states we MAY see the products that Matthew and I bring to you in a year or two or never at all, but the technology being shown at this show in just two week will likely find its way into your car, computers, cell phones, and even on your street corners. In fact for us here in the US you will be glad to hear that many of your favorite vendors will have a presence at the show. OCZ will be focusing on its 1.8″ Vertex 2 and 1.8″ Onyx drives and SSD in general in a big way for Computex and 2010.  While the drives were released to the channel we expect its only a matter of time before you will be able to find these on retail shelves and in online stores. At 1.8″ these drives make for perfect ultra small and ultra fast drives that we hope to see in embedded devices and in energy efficient laptops.

Lets Talk about our Top 10 Computex Predictions:

1. Tablet PC’s will be all the rage.

With the release of the iPad manufacturers are in a rush to release products which take advantage of a touch interface. We expect to see a lot of ultra portable’s with touchscreens and even some of the mid range laptops to be equipped with them at this years Computex. We expect to see variations on not only the OS but the style of the tablet, input mechanism’s, and even for the big names like Intel and AMD to announce chips designed just for tablets.

2. Windows 7 on almost everything.

Now that Microsoft’s prize horse runs more like a stallion and less like a three legged mule we expect to see many manufacturers taking advantage of this OS across all types of platforms. With the renowned ability for Windows 7 to find and easily install all types of hardware we further expect to see Windows 7 on platforms off the mainstream.

3. Asus will dominate the show and awards.

Every year Asus steals the limelight and shows off a simply amazing array of hardware at multiple locations across the Computex show floors. We expect this year to be no different and will try to keep track of just how many parades of Asus dressed cabs, parades of booth men and women, and total number of booths we see.

4. Google Android will have a significant presence on devices at the show.

Cheaper than Windows 7 and designed to run faster and lighter, we expect Android to get some serious attention. Already major manufacturers are announcing support for the Android OS and chips designed to run in devices with the Android OS. Google may have hit on a nerve and if nVidia comes through with a Tegra powered tabled running Android it could be a sign of red flags in Redmond. We will definitely have video for you of these platforms as we come across them.

5. Shuttle will demo its Notebook Ecosystem.

Six months since I appeared on TV and the internet speaking to Nick from Shuttle PR about their notebook ecosystem and we haven’t heard much since. I expect that will change with Computex where we hop to see some working platforms and some examples of this concept in use.

6. Intel’s upcoming Atom 550 will make a showing.

The Atom 550 may not be the only new ULV silicon making an appearance at Computex from the giant in Santa Clara, as we hear Intel may be making progress on several new chips. The only question is weather they will have them at the show in working devices.

7. There will be a lot of  iPad Clones.

If there is one thing that the Asian manufacturers do better than design electronics it is manufacturing clones of popular electronics.  The night market in Taipei and on nearly every street corner in China you can find knock-offs of Apple’s iPod players. We expect the iPad to show up on the show floor, or at least look a likes, by the dozens. Of course that is aside from the huge market for aftermarket accessories. One of the best features of the iPad is its outstanding batter life, which with a battery extension pack should be near colossal. I hope to be able to NOT turn the iPad off at all on the 16 (that’s right)!hour return flight to the USA.

8. WiMAX to play greater role in devices at show.

Last year select buses were equipped with laptops running WiMAX and we could see first hand the speed potential for the technology. This year we hope to see more of that speed changing tech at the show. Will we?

9.  Touchscreen and 3D displays will be center stage.

Ok we have seen quite a bit of touch screen technology coming to the forefront of consumer electronics in the past year or two. With the appearance and success of the iPad we expect that manufacturers just kicked their touch screen agenda’s into high gear. We expect to see a lot of touch screen equipped devices in various stages of development all over the show floors and probably many manufacturers showing off the actual screens to potential buyers.

10. Duke Nukem Forever will still not be on any gaming machines at the show.

No real surprise here, in fact the only really show stopping news from this end would be anything more than whispers in the wind from the now dead project. Last year we still saw several manufacturers showing off devices playing the trailer and older versions of Duke Nukem. Come on folks, nothing to see here, move along.


If you happen to be at the show, come say hello if you should see me.


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