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Computex 2011: GIGABYTE at Computex 2011 showcasing next generation professional products

Like every year, the Computex Taipei exhibition is one of the world major events for computer consumers and professionals, and like every year GIGABYTE will be there to introduce to the world its latest and cutting-edge products during a week that promises to be very exciting!

GIGABYTE will have its booth in the Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), section D002, and is looking forward to welcome its customers, partners, and press friends. In the meantime, we would like to present you the highlights of the computer products for professionals that we will showcase, and their main features.

New Intel Xeon E3 series-based Server Motherboards

Following the launch of Intel new architecture processors, we are launching a full range of server motherboards based on this new platform. The spearhead of this range is a series of cost-effective, high performance and polyvalent motherboards designed for small and medium business applications, bringing higher memory reliability, lower heat generation, and lower power consumption compared to previous generation.

In addition to a rich expansion slots platform for diverse system deployment, they are also available with multiple LAN options, for customized bandwidth through single or dual LAN ports and different class of controllers. They are also built with our famous Japanese solid capacitors, making our products ultra durable through the high quality, stability and reliability of these components.

All-In-One PC Solutions

During this edition of the Computex, we will also introduce our two new All-In-One PCs. Once again, these products are designed for professional users and resellers and focus essentially on very pragmatic needs.

Our main innovation in this domain is GB-AEBN, designed in an entirely modulated concept. All the main hardware functions are standardized and integrated into modules, which can be easily replaced and upgraded at any moment. Covering each stage from barebone to turnkey product, the concept allows professionals to calibrate this product to the very specifics of their business by providing an ultra versatile solution. This model also brings many benefits in terms of inventory management optimization (each module can be ordered separately at any time), and the easy upgradability of components covers our customers from obsolescence risk. Finally, the standardized nature of these modules significantly reduces handling costs.

We will also present our Intel Atom based AIO, which is designed toward the best cost-performance value. It brings perfect capabilities in an everyday usage for office, study or family type applications (word processing, web browsing, and other work machine tasks) to the minimal cost possible. We still wanted to provide an ergonomic and design product, so we designed our AIO in a stylish and space-saving way.

Now that you have had a complete overview of the highlights of this year’s edition, we can only say that we are looking forward to see you on our booth, where we will be happy to receive you and talk in more details about our products. We invite all our partners and customers to discuss and share their opinions and wishes about what we offer, so we can keep offering the highest degree of customization and the widest possibilities on the market. Because what matters for us is to help you step into tomorrow’s computer world.

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