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Computex 2011: GIGABYTE Launches New AMD 900 Series Motherboards

 — Delivers 4-way SLI™ and CrossFireX™ Support for the First Time on the AMD Platform–

All GIGABYTE 900 series motherboards incorporate the new AM3+ ‘Black Socket’ which means that all GIGABYTE 900 series motherboards are also backwards compatible with AMD AM3 based Phenom II and Athlon II processors. The AM3+ ‘Black Socket’ also features more efficient power loading and improved heatsink mounting.  
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 3
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 3 design features 2 ounces of copper for both the Power and Ground layers which dramatically lowers system temperature by delivering a more efficient spreading of heat from critical areas of the motherboard such as the CPU power zone throughout the entire PCB. GIGABYTE’s Ultra Durable™ 3 also lowers the PCB impedance by 50%, which helps to reduce electrical waste and further lowers component temperatures. A 2oz Copper layer design also provides improved signal quality and lower EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), providing better system stability and allowing for greater margins for overclocking.

Driver MOSFETs
Driver MOSFETs allow higher power transfer and increased efficiency at higher switching frequencies to satisfy the power requirements of modern processors. Driver MOSFETs also help to reduce VRM real estate requirements for a cleaner, less cluttered CPU zone.

GIGABYTE 333 Onboard Acceleration
GIGABYTE 333 Onboard Acceleration delivers unparalleled performance with onboard integration of the latest SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technologies and SATA Revision 3.0 (6Gbps) technologies. Using an additional Marvell SATA 3.0 controller, GIGABYTE UD7 and UD5 motherboards offer an unprecedented 10x SATA 3.0 ports. All GIGABYTE 900 series motherboards offer 3x USB power boost on all USB ports for faster charging on even the most power hungry USB devices.

Featuring 2 physical BIOS ROMs integrated onboard, GIGABYTE DualBIOS™ allows quick and seamless recovery from BIOS damage or failure due to viruses or improper BIOS updating. In addition, GIGABYTE DualBIOS™ now supports booting from hard drives that are 3TB (terabytes) or more without the need for partitioning, and effectively provides future-proofing for higher volume single drive data storage.
108dB Signal to Noise Ratio Playback
All of GIGABYTE 900 series motherboards feature the Realtek ALC889 audio codec, a superior audio solution for high-performance, multi-channel HD audio. The ALC889 incorporates Realtek’s proprietary converter technology which is able to achieve 108dB Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR), delivering higher a better HD audio experience.

GIGABYTE 900 Models:                                         
AMD 990FX Chipset990FXA-UD7990FXA-UD5990FXA-UD3
AMD 990X Chipset         990XA-UD3
AMD 970 Chipset970A-UD3970A-D3

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