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Computex 2012 Booth Babes Gallery 2


If you haven’t yet had your fill of booth babes from Computex (much like us) then you are in luck as this is our second installment of gorgeous babes from the floor of Computex 2012 at the Nangang hall. Enjoy TechwareLabs gallery of babes and stay tuned to our website for more.

See our first gallery here.


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  1. While you may disapprove of the content this is actually stuff that readers want to see. Despite your initial impression I am not at computex for this. We establish relationships and new reviews for this site. The Babes gallery is quick content that I like to post. Rest assured our technical analysis of products is forthcoming.

  2. Lack of sense of humor – CONFIRMED

    If you had EVER in your life been to a conference you would realize the time constraints and work involved. Also had you checked our social media or front page you would notice that its is NOT the only thing we have posted.

    • On the one hand…being male…hubba hubba.
      On the other hand…having been a magazine and website editor-in-chief…I’ve been to countless conventions and conferences, and never once did I think it worth my while, or worth the whiles of our readership looking for information, to publish a series of photos of scantily clad women. Our website had to generate good traffic–and we did that, by concentrating on publishing smart work, which was possible because we concentrated on our Ps & Qs, rather than others’ Ts & As. If you’re looking for fast cash, rob a bank. Now, it does take a nearly impossible amount of time to cover such an event well–all the more reason not to waste the amount of time it would take staff to take this many photos, Photoshop them properly, and then do the load and code. I’m afraid the first poster has you dead on: If you want to run a frat-boy site, do that, certainly (but, good heavens, do it better than this; I mean, this presentation is just slack), but don’t think you don’t lower your standing in intelligent people’s minds with this folderol.

  3. Lack of Class – CONFIRMED


    Thank you for the more intellectual response. Good luck to you.

  4. On behalf of TechwareLabs, let me first state that we apologize if you truly believe that our number one priority is taking photos of scantily clad women. We are a website that must generate traffic, in order to sustain an income. The booth babes gallery consistently ranks number one, yielding more unique visitors than any other post. While this is simply due to the fact that there are more perverts then computer nerds, it is not our number one priority. The fact is, posting a booth babes gallery takes a whopping five minutes, while the publication of a full article can take upwards of an hour or two, depending on content.

    Furthermore, let me apologize. It is not the view of TechwareLabs that you are a small breasted woman. Jason Jacobs is merely exercising his right to freedom of speech. I am sure you have the proper number and type of chromosomes. Please check back shortly, as there will be further coverage of Computex 2012.

  5. I must admit I considered questioning your X and Y chromosomes. But the point is moot. Everyone knows you have small boobs.

  6. I really think that Jason Jacobs lowers the class and credibility of the Techware Labs website when his first post …and therefore apparently his priority for being there….. is to run around and get in excess of 60 pictures of ‘Booth Babes’ (more commonly known as pre-teen and teenagers). There are many other sites where you can look at scantily clad teenagers. Techware Labs should NOT be one of them. I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.


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  4. […] Computex 2012 Booth Babes gallery 2 @ TechwareLabs […]

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