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Computex 2014 Event Coverage: Crucial DDR4 and NX100 SSD Preview

Computex 2014 Event Coverage: Crucial DDR4 Preview


We all know DDR4 looms on the horizon but not everyone is familiar with what the transition to DDR4 means and how it will impact the PC industry. We bring you a look at Crucials DDr4 entry and their take on what it means to casual consumers as well as enthusiasts. Tune in to our video for a first look at this technology as we step you through DDR through DDR4 and the benefits each brought and how DDR4 will change pricing and overclocking.


Crucial Also jst announced the new MX100 SSD with some surprising performance and even more surprising price points. Coming in 128, 256, amd 512GB versions this drive brings SSD’s even closer for consumers who have been waiting. Check out our preview of the new MX100 with the guys at Crucial during Computex 2014:


Check out our gallery of the New MX100 SSD and DDR4 Ballastix Ram from Crucial during Computex 2014:



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