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Cooler Master GeminII S524 CPU Cooler

Packaging & Accesories

box packaging accessories

The GeminII’s box is pretty standard with a large picture on the front, specs on the side, and features on the back. Inside the box is the cooler itself packaged very well in foam as well as the included accessories. The accessories consist of installation instructions, the backplate, mounting brackets for AMD and Intel, and all of the screws, nuts, and tools required for installation.


Closer Look

heatpipes side front

The cooler itself is a fairly simple design, with heat pipes running from the base up to the fins. The difference between this cooler and most other aftermarket coolers though is obviously the orientation. Many coolers are the vertical “tower” style where the air is blown out towards the back of the case rather than this horizontal style where the air is blown down at the motherboard. The main advantage of this style is that components underneath the cooler, such as RAM or motherboard MOSFETs, are cooled as well.

top bottom fan-uninstalled

Here we see the included fan which appears to be Cooler Master’s XtraFlo 120 though the specs are slightly different. In the middle we have the base of the cooler. This give you an idea of how large the heatsink itself is compared to the socket. Lastly we see the cooler with the fan uninstalled and the heatpipes in the fins.

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