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CoolerMaster HAF 922 Case

A Closer Look

With the success of of the HAF 932, the HAF922 comes with the same design aspects as the HAF932, but is designed to be value priced case to bring the price within the reach of more PC builders on the market today who are looking to get their hands on HAF932, but can’t afford the sticker price. The HAF922 being backed by the Cooler Master name and based of the HAF932 case the HAF922 has features tool free device installations for the peripherals and 3.5″ and 5.25″ bays. Also cable mangement ports to route cables in a hidden/out-of-the-way configuration to assist with the air flow. The case does come with two 200X30mm case fans which are located on the front and top of the case. The HAF922 is designed for a third 200x30mm fan which can be mounted on the saide panel (not included). The reason why this side panel fan is not included from the OEM is to keep the cost of the HAF922 down. Lets take a close look at some photos of the HAF922.

HAF922 Front 0 HAF 922 front 2
From the front of the HAF 922the front is decked out in a lot of mesh to assist with airflow From this angle, the front of the HAF922 is not too busy withbusy designes that would take away from the simplicity of the HAF design

The HAF 922 front panel isn’t too different from the HAF932, but is proportionate to the size and shape.

Left side panel Right side panel
The left side panel has a large meshwindowwhich allows for the later installation of another case fan. The right side panel is just a simple solidpanel.

The left side panel with the absence of a 200X30mm fan does give the impression that the HAF922 is more of a bargain case, but with the large mesh area the air flow is very un-obstructed.

top HAF922 back
The top shows off the huge 200X30mmfan and a storage panel containing the power. reset, fan LED buttons. The back of the case has ports forwater cooling pipes and the standard access panels for motherboard, powersupply and expansion cards.

Like on the HAF 932 the top storage area was a bit of the mystery as it isn’t big enough to hold a CD let alone one in a jewel case. Though on the HAF932 the rubber mat that lines the storage area can be removed to reveal a port for water cooling. The HAF 922 does not have this ability and the buttons for power, reset and fan LED are located on the bottom of this storage area rendering anything you place in this area a nucense as it will be in your way everythime you want to press one of the buttons.

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