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CoolIT Systems Debuts WS 240 Custom Liquid Cooling for Nehalem Platform

Calgary, Alberta – September 15, 2009 – CoolIT Systems, the global leader in innovative liquid cooling solutions for high performance computers, announces the WS 240 custom liquid cooling for Nehalem-based processors.  Using similar technology to the highly decorated Domino ALC, the WS 240 utilizes a 240mm radiator and two water blocks to provide aggressive liquid cooling performance for both CPUs.  This ensures maximum performance gains, reduced system noise, improved reliability, and enhanced longevity of all system components.  Users have the option to switch between three operation modes with the simple push of a button satisfying the need for quiet or the desire for over clocking performance.

The WS 240 is factory sealed ready to be quickly and easily installed into most E-ATX supporting chassis. Mounting hardware for the Intel 775/1366/1156 socket is included along with a specially engineered retention mechanism which ensures an optimum interface with the CPU and limits the weight on the motherboard to well below the maximum specified by CPU manufacturers.

“Nehalem is all about power efficiency, and a big element of that is heat dissipation” remarks Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems.  “One of the premier advantages of Nehalem is Turbo Boost Technology that takes advantage of the processor’s power based on thermal headroom.  With our cooler, the margin is maximized so the clocks are as fast as possible.”

PC enthusiasts and system builders can contact CoolIT’s customization services department to custom build the cooler to meet the exact specifications of their system for around $270.

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