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Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1866 16GB Memory Kit Review @

Quote: “When it comes to choosing memory for a new system we have many choices.  From the high-end with crazy heat spreaders and LED lights to the plain-jane green modules without any heatspreaders.  Corsair has always been on my list when recommending memory, especially for the high-end.  Previously Corsair’s high-end offering was their Dominator GT line, which were great and were very popular.  Corsair is back with a brand new line called their Dominator Platinum.  The Dominator Platinum modules are built using only select memory ICs, highly-screened for performance and stability and feature a new industrial design and LED lighting effects.  These have to be some of the best looking modules I have seen all year!  But how do they perform?  Read on to find out!”

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