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Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case Long-Term Review @

Quote: “Among choosing components when building a computer system, one must choose what type of chassis they will be using. Some may believe they can cheap out when purchasing a PC case, but the type and quality of PC case you choose makes a lot of difference in your actual building experience, future expandability, and also overall system performance when you factor in things such as airflow, temperatures and noise.  Choosing a PC case also allows you to pick your own personal style, I mean who wants to use old boring beige computer cases?

I was given the opportunity to review and fully test one of Corsair’s latest entries into the mid-tower case lineup, dubbed the Graphite Series, I will be sharing with you about the 600T and what it means to this segment. Given what people know about Corsair and their premium brand label, coupled with their innovation, style and performance oriented nature, I was eager to see what the Corsair 600T would be all about.”


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