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Corsair M95 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

This week I have been spending time with the M95, the latest gaming peripheral from Corsair. Corsair have a long and rich history in the PC market and have experience in making everything from some of the finest PC chassis on the market, award-winning high-end CPU coolers, SSD hard drives, memory modules and many of them prove popular around the world with enthusiast gamers, PC users and just about anyone else, chances are this if you’ve been a PC user for more than a couple of years, you’ve owned at least one Corsair product.

The M95 is part of the Corsair gaming range and will take its place along side other Corsair products such as the M65 FPS mouse which we reviewed last month and while that was one of the finest FPS mice I’ve ever seen, the M95 is set to tackle the world of MMO gaming, if you think the world of competitive FPS gaming is fierce, then move aside, because MMO gaming can demand so much more of a gaming mouse, but will the M95  have what it takes to fulfil the exacting demands of the MMO gaming crowd, or is it just another mouse with more buttons that most people need?

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