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Quote: “I’m no different. My “gaming” mice journey started out with a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer; then a Logitech MX 1000; then the Logitech MX Revolution; then the Logitech Performance MX; and currently with the Logitech G700. If you look at all these mice you can see that other than the MX 1000 the layout and look do not differentiate from each other much.  The G700 I possess I thought was by far the best mouse overall I’ve ever used. Other than the battery life, when in wireless mode sucks balls, the mouse was a perfect fit for me. The size, the speed, the button layout, the complete overall feel…it was amazing. So, when Bob asked me to review the Corsair Vengeance M60 Performance Gaming Mouse I was a bit hesitant. I don’t like reviewing products that I have a defined bias towards even before I open the box. I couldn’t see how anything could be as good as my G700. Well, I’ve been using the M60 for 3 weeks now and boy was I wrong.”

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