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Cygnett Form, Frost & TubeMap Samsung Galaxy S III Case Reviews

Analysts predict that Samsung will ship 15 million Galaxy S III smartphones in Q3 alone. With well over 10 million of these phones now sold, you can only imagine how many cases Samsung Galaxy S III owners are also buying. Cygnett offers 10 case series for the Samsung Galaxy S III and we have had the chance to try three of them out today. Read on to see how the Cygnett Frost, Form and TubeMap cases are all about!


“Of the three Cygnett cases that we have had the opportunity to use, we liked the Frost the best. The TubeMap is great if you are going to London and the Form is for the high-gloss finish fans, but the Frost was found to be the best for overall use. We love the semi-transparent look and the case did not show smudges and was scratch-resistant. For just $19.99 the Frost is also affordable and it comes backed with a two year warranty…”

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