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Digg Users Protest the New Digg by Flooding Homepage with Reddit Links

Angry Digg users have united to push stories from Reddit onto the Digg front page.

Not everyone is happy with the newly redesigned Digg website. Unless, of course, you work at Mashable, but that is another story. In protest to what many see as at best a flaw in the new algorithm that helps select what goes on the front page and at worst is blatant pandering to particular companies, Digg users have united to flood the site with links from rival website Reddit. The campaign has been so successful that according to the Huffington Post, at one point six of the seven top stories on Digg were from Reddit.

In response to the redesigned Digg, many users are pushing for other users to specifically “digg” articles from the rival Reddit site. One article featured several comments asking users to band together in an act of “sabotage.”

“Digg users fight back, sabatoge front page”, the user bdsams said.

“Actually new digg is great, you know why? Because of it I discovered reddit which, despite what people have been saying on digg, is great!” Adriaaan posted.

“How do you delete your profile? im trying to figure out how to do it.. after 5 years of being a digger. CYA on REDDIT!” shiftgood claimed.

Since the new Digg was launched last Wednesday, Digg’s traffic has seen a massive drop and continues to freefall. According to the Internet tracking group, Digg’s traffic has dropped nearly 33 percent.

Digg CEO Kevin Rose has tweeted regarding the issues, claiming that they are working on it, “Digg update: As mentioned on TWiT yesterday, we’re working hard to fix the source diversity part of the digg algorithm, more news soon.”

If you like this story, please submit it to Reddit, then “digg” it once the protesters get a hold of it.


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