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Does iOS 4.1 Fix the Proximity Sensor as Promised?

199741-iphone4-unbox-4_listingApple released the first major update to iOS 4 yesterday–iOS 4.1. The iOS update comes with complete with a variety of new features and enhancements, but the most critical aspect of iOS 4.1 for many iPhone 4 users is whether or not Apple actually resolved the frustrating proximity sensor issue.

Some of the exciting new features in iOS 4.1 don’t quite live up to the hype. The Game Center and Ping for iTunes have had a less than stellar reception thus far. However, those iPhone 4 users experiencing the proximity sensor issue, or iPhone 3G users cursed with poor performance under iOS 4 are ecstatic over the release of iOS 4.1.

Apple never really embraced ownership of the proximity sensor issue. It seemed to always be mentioned as an afterthought, barely acknowledged at Apple press conferences. Despite that, Apple was apparently working on the issue, and when Apple revealed the details of iOS 4.1 the proximity sensor fix was on the list of features and updates.

However, some developers with access to pre-release versions of iOS 4.1, or even the GM (Gold Master) release of the iOS update questioned whether the proximity sensor issue is actually fixed by the update. In fact, some developers suggest that the proximity sensor issue is a hardware engineering problem–like the antenna “death grip” and that no software fix can fully resolve it.

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