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Domino ALC Liquid Cooling by CoolIT Systems


Staying Cool:

Water cooling computers started with mainframes back before what we know today as the home PC. When home users started to water cool their PCs, there weren’t anything in the stores sold as a package deal, so items such as car’s heater coil, fish tank pumps and silicone tubing were used. When put together, these homemade cooling systems were very pretty large and would be the PC was something that could be moved without disassembling the cooling system at the risk of spilling the coolant/water on the computer. Present day, the market has a wide range of choices to pick from to keep your CPU from overheating. These choices range from purchasing each item from different manufactures which  are put together to cool the CPU, RAM, North Bridge, hard drives, even power supplies. Putting the parts together, flushing the system, and then running the system for months/years at the risk of something leaking or the coolant running too low is always at the back of your mind. Then when it comes to transporting the PC from your house to another you increase the risk of something coming undone.  The other option on the market today is a self contained, preassembled kits, one of these kits is from CoolIT Systems called “Domino A.L.C.” TechwareLabs was first introduced to the Domino while attending CES 2009. Let’s see what the Domino has to offer.


CoolIT take:

Domino A.L.C. offers the technological advantages of liquid cooling by efficiently transporting damaging heat away from the CPU as well as reducing overall chassis temperature levels. The system provides incredible thermal headroom, keeping pace with advances in processor technology and thus supporting the ability to maximize the performance of high performance PCs.Users have the option to switch between three operation modes with the simple push of a button satisfying the need for quiet or the desire for over clocking performance. Domino A.L.C. is the only cooling solution with an integrated display providing system status as well as audible alerts if attention is required. The advanced micro-controller auto-regulates performance to ensure continuous protection for maintaining CPU reliability.

The compact Domino A.L.C. is factory sealed ready to be quickly and easily installed into the most crowded chassis. Mounting hardware for Intel 775/1366 and AMD AM2+ processors is included along with a specially engineered retention mechanism which ensures an optimum interface with the CPU and limits the weight on the motherboard to well below the maximum specified by CPU manufacturers.


Operation Modes (Fan Speeds) Quiet: 1100-2500 RPM

Performance*: 1100-2500 RPM

Full: 2900 RPM

*System automatically increases cooling

performance at an increased rate compared to Quiet Mode.

Physical Specifications Dimensions: 14.0 x 12.5 x 15.5 mm

Weight: 1.03 kg

Operating Voltage: 11.6-12.4V

Power Consumption: 8W (Max)

Life Cycle: 50,000 Hours (MTBF)

Fan Long life, low noise

Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm

Noise: 19.2 dBA (Min)

Pump CFF1 long life ceramic bearing

Noise: <21 dBA

Radiator Custom engineered for low noise heat dissipation

Dimension: 157 x 120 x 27 mm

CPU FHE (Fluid Heat Exchanger) Copper Micro-Channel

Surface Dimension: 50 x 50 mm

Coolant Proprietary with anticorrosion/antifungal additives
CPU Thermal Grease Proprietary Pro Advanced Thermal Compound
Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer
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  1. I just filed a customer complaint. I came home to find my home server shut down due to CPU overtemp. I run SETI in the background so this keeps my dual core system working when the server is not busy and I have seen CPU temps of 115 to 120 with a traditional heatsink/fan. . The pump speed indicates ‘—–‘ and switching back and forth from quiet to performance mode was no help. The Domino ALC unit is less than 60 days old. I will relay here the results of the customer service experience.

  2. Question for anyone who has used this ALC….
    I have a Coolmaster Centurion 5 case with 120mm Fan on the back so I’m fairly confident this will fit and mount in my case. But by mounting it I am wondering if I need to install another exhaust fan since I will be replacing the only exhaust fan that exists in the case?
    Or does this unit pull enough air out of the chassis to give me proper air flow?

  3. Do not buy this, it supposedly is sealed forever…. well the mount to one of the tubes cracked (the lower tube where it connects to the radiator) and sprayed (apparently water based) conductive coolant into my 350$ graphics card and corroded it. I opened the thing and its all corroded and green. Totally destroyed. It’s like they just used plain antifreeze, smells like water and green toxic glycol.
    Don’t buy this, its a piece of crap that ended up costing me more money than I thought i was saving getting an all in one unit.
    Supposed to work maintenance free for thousands of hours or whatever, I just build my computer band new, it had been on for probably less than 30 hrs total before this happened. DO NOT BUY

    • I would like to see a picture of your setup and how you had the coolant lines run. My experience with CoolIT products has been without issue and I have never had any of their stuff break or leak on me. That being said no product is without the occasional problem or breaking. Have you at least contacted CoolIT to see if they will replace and or fix your system and their product? Give them a chance and I think they will please you.


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