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Ducky Zero DK2108 Mechanical Keyboard Review

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to get a new brand of keyboard in at eTeknix, but today I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to review one of the latest keyboards to hit the market from Ducky. Not everyone has heard of the brand Ducky before, especially in the UK where they are only really starting to make more of an appearance. However, others will know Ducky as one of the best mechanical keyboard producers on the planet, with a wide range of high end mechanical keyboards in their product portfolio. The Ducky product we are looking at today is the Ducky Zero DK2108 mechanical keyboard. Since this is the first Ducky keyboard I’ve had the chance to lay my hands on, I cannot really compare to the other models that Ducky produce, but can compare against the many other mechanical keyboards from the likes of Tt eSPORTS, CM Storm and others.

Mechanical keyboards are in a league of their own when it comes to typing and gaming, with various switches offering different characteristics that appeal to gamers, typists or even both. This particular Ducky keyboard I’m reviewing today is of the Cherry MX brown switch flavour, which tends to be best suited to light gamers and typists.

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