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DVDWatchBox available now at BestBuy

black box 350 x 376DVDWatchBox available now at BestBuy

VidOn USA introduces new technology for storing, organizing, and streaming DVD, Blu-ray, and home movie collections

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 5, 2016 — VidOn USA today announces DVDWatchBox, an innovative new product that allows movie collectors to capture their DVD collections and then stream them to their TV, tablet or smartphones. With this technology, people can take advantage of their existing DVD and Blu-ray movies, without having to pay again to stream movies that they have already purchased.

Consumers have collected their favorite movies on DVD and Blu-ray for many years. DVDWatchBox allows them simple access to that collection without having to rummage through stacks of boxes. They will also have access to the movies they want to see again and have paid for, that are unavailable online to rent or buy. BestBuy has the product in stock in stores throughout the country.

UHD Smart Tv with Curved Screen on White Background

UHD Smart Tv with Curved Screen on White Background

DVDWatchBox puts the “play” back into playing DVDs & Blu-ray’s. No more scrounging for lost discs—or fumbling with antiquated DVD players. DVDWatchBox lets you enjoy videos you already own with just one click. It is easy for consumers to watch their collection on a TV in their home in high quality video and audio including the secondary tracks for alternate language support. Movies can be downloaded to IOS and Android phones and tablets for watching anywhere consumers chose to watch a movie.

VidOn USA will be demonstrating this new technology at the Pepcom event at CES on January 5, 2016


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