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E3 Expo 2012 – NVIDIA GeForce Gloud Grid & Tegra 3 Demos

Having the ability to play your favorite video games instantly over the internet with out the need of high-end hardware or discs is possible with cloud gaming. NVIDIA recently entered this market with the GeForce Cloud Grid and is showing it off at E3 on smart TVs from Samsung. Read on to learn more about cloud-based gaming and to see the demos that we were shown on the show floor.


“We were brought over to the Samsung Smart TV that was connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable and loaded with Gaikai’s online gaming app that is needed for access to the NVIDIA GeForce GRID cloud gaming platform. A few seconds later we were playing Meteor Entertainment’s new mech warrior game Hawken from a data center about 10 miles away in the heart of LA. Keep in mind we were doing this with just a TV and the remote control as the hardware running the game was miles away…”

Article Title: NVIDIA GeForce Gloud Grid & Tegra 3 Demos  @ Legit Reviews
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