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EnerMax Aeolus Laptop Cooler


Language is a curious thing at times. A word gets invented, popularized, and is held onto long after its usefulness is gone. One word that is starting to lose its usefulness is “laptop”. For all that these computers are of a size and shape to be used while resting in one’s lap, the amount of heat they generate in use often makes this unwise. Also, for some unfathomable reason, many designers of these portable computers have decided to put the fan intakes on the bottom—right where they are most likely to be blocked by your legs. The end result? Both you and your computer are overheating precisely where you don’t want them to.

Humans are nothing if not inventive, however. Faced with this problem, we’ve discovered that placing a ventilated wedge beneath the computer helps both the laptop and one’s own lap cool off. Add a fan, and the cooling effect increases further. Thus, the laptop cooler was born.

Enermax’s two biggest areas of expertise are power supplies and computer cases—both of which require cooling. It comes as little surprise, then, that they have produced a laptop cooler. Today we’ll be looking at that cooler, the Aeolus. We’ll get to the testing in a bit, but first, let’s take a look at what Enermax themselves have to say about it.

Enermax’s Take

Let the god of the winds cool your notebook with 2.5mm thick solid aluminum body accented by diamond-cut edges and a super large 25cm fan that output only 17dBA.

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  1. The Enermax device is good but check this new device they have come out with – useful to anyone using a laptop / macbook for prolonged periods Thanks


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