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A look at the EnhanceBox E4 External Storage Solution

When Does Your Data Become Important?

I want you to imagine for a moment that your laptop or desktop has just crashed. Every personal document, every e-mail, every file and photo is gone. All of the data on the hard drive is gone. . . What do you do? Attempt to recover the data by yourself? Use an expensive data recovery service? Try to recover what you can from older copies on thumbdrives or on CD or DVD that may be months old or older? Keep in mind that much of who we are in these modern times exists in a digital format. So I ask the question “When does your data become important and what do you do with your valuable data?”

You have heard me talk about data security, backup solutions, and storage solutions before but once again can you apply these concepts to your situation and need? The answer is “everyone should”. The fact is that your hard drive will eventually die, and most of the time it goes without giving you a warning. Most home users and many businesses don’t receive the benefit of a doctor saying “the time is near”. Now it’s important to make the distinction between home users and business users here. While losing your data will hurt regardless of if it is a home use desktop or a business server it has the potential to impact businesses much more. In fact, if you own a small business and have been disregarding backup and data security then your entire business is a ticking time bomb. 


And Kaboom! your data is gone.

A solution is available from Enhance Technology, Inc that allows you to expand your storage capacity and gives you the ability to backup precious data in a removable and secure manner. Today we will take a look at the EnhanceBOX E4 (Mini-SAS).


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