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EonNAS 1100 NAS Network Storage Server @ Benchmark Reviews

┬áData Rot! Every time a compact disk gives up the ghost and you some files, you’ve experienced it. All digital storage technologies are susceptible to data rot, AKA bit rot. Benchmark Reviews recently highlighted reliability issues that SSD users are experiencing; their flash memory failures have been an eye-opening experience for consumers. We all know how a hard drive “crashes”, but we’re not so clear on how electrons disappear. Large data centers have been acutely aware of this problem, and the industry devised ways of eliminating it. Now, Infortrend is making that technology available to consumers, with their new EonNAS series. The key to data integrity is in the ZFS file system, that’s part of the Sun-based OS installed in the EonNAS 1100. Plus, it performs data deduplication on the fly! Read on to find out more…


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