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BFG Tech Launches EX-1000 Power Supply, Available Exclusively in Best Buy Stores and Online at

Lake Forest, IL – August 11, 2009 – BFG Technologies, a leading supplier of premium power supplies and 3D graphics cards, is excited to announce the new EX-1000, 1000 watt modular power supply. The EX Series ushers in a new approach to power supply design, utilizing BFG’s proprietary Frequency Conversion Technology. Frequency Conversion Technology drastically improves low load efficiency by emulating a lower sized power supply. This allows the EX-1000 to remain at least 80% efficient, even with loads as low as 10% of the unit’s maximum capacity. The EX power supplies have the lowest minimum load requirements and offer the best +5VSB efficiency on the market.

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Your computer power supply is one of those critical components that you just can’t skimp on. Choose a bad PSU and you run the risk of damaging other parts in your system or frying it as a whole. BFG makes some good components and for $199 its probably one of the cheaper 1000W PSU’s on the market especially with a lifetime warranty.

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