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FUNC KB-460 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Setup, Use, Specs, and Functions:

As I mentioned earlier after I unpakced the keyboard the first thing I noticed was the durability of the braided USB3.0 cord that is installed so well and secured in such a way that even the most brutal gaming sessions wont hurt it a bit. Another thing I was very surprised by was how the whole keyboard was rubberized (probably plastic underneath) around all the body and the keys are plastic. It adds to the feeling of the keyboards durability.  The rubber also prevents slipping in my testing it during even the most rough Counter Strike matches.


As you can see from the pictures, the wire is very sturdy and looks rather thick and powerful, perfect for us gamers!

FUNC came out with an awesome keyboard in line with all of their other products. The aesthetics, and feel of the keyboard is beyond regular mechanical keyboards, and the color scheme is appealing to look at. The Cherry Reds are a preferred amongst gaming enthusiasts. Here is a great website showing you a direct difference between all of the Mechanical Switches used in most modern keyboards:

This keyboard like I mentioned uses Reds, and I am an avid user of Blacks, so switching from Blacks to Reds was a bit hard since Blacks require just a bit more force and it took me a bit to get used to using the KB460, but at the end of the day I think I really do enjoy Reds more for gaming, since faster clicks and my reaction are improving thanks to it.




And now to please those of you who just want to get to the specs:

Switch Type: Cherry MX Red Linear switch

Key Design: Cylindrical

Actuation Force: 45 g

Responsiveness:  2mm

Anti-Ghost: Full N-Key Roll Over *

Memory: 128 kB

Connect-through Ports:  2 x passthrough USB Ports

Cord Length: 6ft braided cord

Connector: USB 2.0 ( Gold Plated)

*Anti-Ghost note:

Usually keyboards titles this as NKRO, or N-Key roll over, which is a function that allows for the keyboard in question to send any number of simultaneous keystrokes to the computer. On this particular product, this feature is called Anti-Ghosting, which isn’t totally accurate, but assuming that they just branded it this way Ill keep it going. After some through testing it was able to type 4, 6, 10, and 19 keys perfectly fine, (I had to rely on my partner to press 9 more keys as I only have 10 fingers, haha)


Now onto the software side of things:


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