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G.Skill RipjawsZ PC3-19200 16GB Kit Review

  The PC3-19200 kit we’ve got here from G.Skill kind of completes the circle of RAM from the company. Originally at launch we found ourselves looking at a 16GB PC3-17000 kit , after that we checked out something a little lower end and cheaper in the form of a 16GB PC3-14900 kit. Today we kick it up a couple of notches with the PC3-19200 RipjawsZ kit from G.Skill and before we get into the kit, I want to check out the new package that’s present that we’re seeing with some of the higher end G.Skill kits.

Looking closer again, we can see exactly what’s going on with the kit. As we’ve already mentioned a few times, we’re dealing with a PC3-19200 kit which translates into a massive 2400MHz DDR which continues to be the highest out of the box speed we’re seeing from companies at the moment for Quad Channel kits. On the timings side of things, they’re pretty relaxed at 11-11-11-31-1T @ 1.65v which is currently the most relaxed 2400MHz DDR kit we’ve seen to date with the other kits we’ve looked at coming in at CL10.

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