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Gelid Solutions Black Edition CPU Cooler Review

High performance air heatsinks are becoming rarer these days, compared to a few years back, as many companies have turned their attention towards all in one water coolers instead of air heatsinks. Thankfully there are still companies endeavouring to innovate in the air heatsink market and today we are taking a look at the latest product innovation from Gelid Solutions. The Gelid Solutions Black Edition has been on our radar since Computex 2012 and Gelid Solutions used CES 2013 in Las Vegas as the springboard to launch this new product.

With 7 heatpipes, two 120mm fans and a relatively compact form factor the Gelid Solutions Black Edition CPU cooler looks like a nice balance between functionality, noise, performance and style. I am very excited to take a look at this new product from Gelid Solutions which now becomes their latest and greatest flagship product. You can check out the full specifications¬†here¬†but a couple of things worth noting, aside from the obvious CPU cooler “stuff”, is that this product boasts a huge 5 year warranty and included GC-Extreme thermal paste – one of the best, if not the best, thermal pastes on the market. But without any further ado let us take this bad boy for a spin and see how it performs.

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