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Genius DeathTaker Gaming Mouse

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The box art for the DeathTaker looks stylish. The diamond plate metal border conveys a sense of ruggedness while the overall art style appeals to the PC gamer culture.

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The inside flap of the box showcases some of the features of the DeathTaker UI. In the product window on the right side, we get a nice view of the actual product. I always like when boxes have a display window. It gives you a view of what you’re actually purchasing. This way you aren’t misled by the images that may be on the box.

A Closer Look

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One key factor when buying a gaming mouse is build quality. One of the first things you notice when unboxing the DeathTaker, is the braided cord and gold plated connector. This shows that Genius really decided to go the extra mile and ensure that their mouse had a durable cable with good connectivity. On the bottom we have two large Teflon pads that help ensure smooth sliding across whatever surface you use for a mouse pad.

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There are 9 fully programmable buttons on the DeathTaker. This is less than the Razer Naga (some would argue that it has too many), but should be enough for most gamers. The LEDs in the scroll wheel and GX logo are customizable through the DeathTaker UI software that is included. The RGB LED inside allows you to serve up to 16M different color combinations to suit your needs.

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I personally think the scorpion logo looks a bit gaudy, but due to its position you’ll almost never see it while using the mouse, so it’s not that big of a deal. The magnetic trap door that houses the weights for the mouse looks like it wouldn’t stay on during long play sessions, but Genius in a stroke of …well … genius, have managed to engineer it so this isn’t an issue. Not once during my extended testing did the trap door come loose.


  deathtaker_ui_1 deathtaker_ui_2  

The software bundled with the mouse is called DeathTaker UI, an aptly named piece of software. The program allows you to control all aspects of the mouse. You can rearrange the function of every button on the mouse. On top of that, the software allows you to create custom macros which can be assigned to any of the buttons. For each of the button mappings, you can also create a profile which can be switched to on the fly. This allows up to 55 programmable macros from a single device. Not too shabby.

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The other 2 screens of the software deal with fine tuning the performance of the mouse and customizing the lighting options. You’re able to assign any of these performance tweaks to a profile, the same way you would the macros. This also goes for the lighting. Having each profile be represented by a different color is an easy way to keep track of which one you’re in.

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  1. Thats for the feedback on the error, we all make mistakes. It has been corrected. Enjoy the review.

  2. “Suite your needs”? Really?

  3. Some mice are meant for a claw grip, your hands nor American hands are particularly big.

  4. “I have largish hands, but no more so than the average American male”. Is this relevant? Does anybody know the size of the average American males hand? Interesting.


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