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Gigabyte GM-M6900 Gaming Mouse




In the world of computer-based gamers, having a sweet rig is only half the battle.  You’re only as good as your Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor.  Now, we all know of some other brands that really make buying a mouse a decision between the mouse or gas for the month.  Gigabyte has come up with a solution: A comfortable mouse that doesn’t break the bank.  On top of that, it has some of the features of a gaming mouse: On-the-Fly adjustable DPI, 5 programmable buttons, and 4-way tilt.  All this for ~$22.00?  Lets take a closer look at the Gigabyte GM-M6900.

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  • 5 Programmable (2 on left Thumb, Left click, Right click, Wheel Click)
  • 4 way scroll tilt wheel
  • 3200 Max DPI
  • 3600 Max Fps
  • 30g Max Acceleration
  • 65 inches/second Max speed
  • Offset Optical Tracking
  • 1.8m USB Cable
  • Red LED’s illuminating DPI buttons


While the Max DPI or number of programmable buttons isn’t the most we’ve seen, remember this is a ~$20.00 mouse.  Not too shabby, Gigabyte.  For a lot of gamers, what makes or breaks the mouse is how comfortable it is to hold or use.  This mouse is quite larger than most other mice I’ve used which set me off .  At first.  But as I got used to the mouse, I found I loved the oversized aspect.  Instead of feeling like I’m holding and pushing the mouse, I feel more like I’m resting my hand on the mouse.  From this, I found a lot less strain on my thumb and outer fingers.  A major plus for hardcore-clickers.


Size compared to a 2.5" HDD

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  1. You can also find this mouse on if you’re in the UK for £15.

    I’ve been using this for a few months now and it’s the best mouse that I’ve ever used. I recommended it to a friend of mine and I’d recommend it to a lot more people.

    Gaming isn’t the only thing I use it for, but for editing and design in programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Sony Vegas Pro due to the DPI. I’ve found that for me personally, 2800 seems to be the ideal spot.


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