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Gigabyte Z77X-UD4H Motherboard Review @

“It has been quite a while since we have taken a look at a motherboard from Gigabyte.  The last board we looked at was the Z77X-UD3H back when the Z77 chipset first launched.  It has been quite a while since the Z77 launch and we are seeing a second round of Z77 motherboards appear.  The Z77X-UD4H is part of of this new round of motherboards and builds upon the UD3H by adding some new features to the board.  The Z77X-UD4H is a great motherboard for people looking to get into the Z77 chipset without having to drop a whole lot of money.  Right now the Z77X-UD4H is selling for $164.99, which makes it one of the more inexpensive Z77 motherboards available.  Don’t let the price tag fool you though, this board is filled with great features!  Let’s dive in…”

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