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Google Chrome OS Tablet May Launch on Black Friday

Google is apparently planning on launching its own tablet device, but instead of relying on its already popular Andriod OS, this tablet will run Chrome OS. The rumor mill pegs Google’s tablet launch date as November 26, which also happens to be “Black Friday,” the busiest shopping day in the U.S.

The Chome OS is a Google’s own Web browser, but it’s also the foundation for the company’s browser-based operating system that’s being developed outside of its Android OS project.

According to Download Squad’s unnamed sources, HTC will be building the table for Google, and it will be offered exclusively through Verizon. Assuming the sources are right, Google’s Chrome tablet will sold at a heavily subsidized price with a Verizon contract and could potentially be free with a contract, too.

Launching an inexpensive tablet device the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. could be a big win for Google and Verizon if Apple is still having issues keeping enough iPad inventory in stock since shoppers will be looking for some instant gratification. Assuming Apple can keep iPads in stock, however, Google could have trouble wooing customers away from Apple on price alone.


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