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GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station


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Design and Controls:

Luxa2 has succeeded in making one of the best looking bluetooth speakers on the market. Starting with the top piece of the Groovy W, you will find blue indicator lights surrounded by a glossy black plastic which display’s the battery, bluetooth connection, and mic operation. These lights are back lit touch sensitive controls that will allow you to control the volume of the device, pause/play music and receive/hangup incoming phone calls. The black metal mesh that surrounds the speaker is accented with chrome plastic trim that blend perfectly together. Behind the speaker is where you will find the aux in, power button, and the micro usb input. The bottom of the speaker contains a thin rubber sheet that allows the speaker to stay in place while it’s sitting on your desk. The charge pad is also made out of a hard black plastic and uses near field communication technology that allows you to charge the speaker simply by placing the speaker on top of it. The GroovyW also comes with a black leather carrying case for easy portability. From top to bottom the Groovy W is what you want when you’re looking for a well designed and sharp looking speaker.


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