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HIS Radeon HD 7770 iCooler GHz Edition 1GB Video Card Review

QUOTE: “Firing up 3DMark 11 we ended up with a score of P3580 which is exactly what we’d expect from the HD 7770. It’s not a bad score, but our issue has always been compared to the HD 6870 which sits at a similar price point at the moment, the HD 7770 comes off looking quite overpriced.

What was really nice though was the cooler which let the GPU sit at 35c when idle and still quite a cool 51c at load. More surprising, though, was the cooler which came in at 54.4dB at idle and 55.1dB at load. These are good numbers which see this as the second coolest running card and quietest active cooled card we’ve tested recently.”

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