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How To Choose Private Cloud Hosting Providers


How To Choose Private Cloud Hosting Providers

It is usually difficult to determine the best private cloud hosting provider because of the fact that cloud computing is generally not understood properly. To put it as simple as possible, whenever determining what will be best for the business, you need to think about:

  • How the cloud hosting will be used
  • Why you actually need the cloud hosting service for
  • How much operating system control you need for hosting or application development
  • Security accreditations
  • Encryption options
  • Company customer support

At the same time, it is important that the considered private cloud hosting provider has the following features available for customers as you will surely need them:

Cloud Server Development Reliability And Speed

To put it as simple as possible, the cloud server that you choose has to be really fast. The considered platform should have a standard deployment rate of around 60 seconds or less. Make sure that you have some sort of guarantee of maximum load time included in the contract you will sign so that you do not have long loading times in the future.


Zero Data Loss Guarantee

Things can always go wrong with basically any hosting service that you might choose. However, how the private cloud hosting provider handles such situations is something that counts a lot. Whenever opting for a cloud server, you need a guarantee that your data is properly backed up on a constant basis and that no byte of information is lost in the event that technical problems appear.

If you do not see a mention of such a guarantee, get in touch with a sales representative and ask if it exists. If not, focus on a different hosting provider as the security of your data is always highly important. Also, the provider should have some sort of system in place to allow application availability in the event of a server failure. This has to be automatic.


Zero Downtime Live Migrations

In many situations you will want to run a virtual machine from a server to another server. Live migration becomes a necessity in this case and you need to have zero downtime in this case. It is great to see if there is the possibility to schedule and directly manage a live migration. In this way, you can apply the changes when you do not need the cloud hosting apps. As an example, you can do the live migration when office hours are over and your employees no longer use the cloud.


24/7 Customer Support

Sometimes the hosting provider does not have the same working office hours as you do. In this case, if there is no 24/7 customer support offered, you would end up with the problem that you have running for at least one day. More if during the weekend. There is no good regular or cloud hosting provider that does not offer such a customer support feature. If the one that you consider right now does not, you should avoid the services that are offered since there might be problems in the future.


Read Reviews Before You Pay For Cloud Hosting

One of the most underrated research channels that we can use before buying anything on the internet is the user review. Do not make the mistake of not checking such reviews before you agree to a deal. The past client reviews can highlight a lot of inside information about how the considered private cloud hosting company handles customer problems and you can see if the firm is truly professional. If the considered firm is not serious, you will surely learn about it from the reviews written by disgruntled past customers.


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