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Huawei Nexus 6P Gold


Package Contents:

 Huawei-20  Huawei-21

The charger on this phone is a monster 5v/3A. While this is not one of the QUALCOMM capable devices it will still charge very quickly on the factory charger. I mostly bring this up so you know that you can expect sub-par performance out of your other chargers. The device comes with a USB A to C cable for charging on the go. This is a nice touch as the LG Nexus 5x did not have one.


Look and Feel:

 Huawei-15  Huawei-18  Huawei-17

The Matte gold color is the most recently released, Huawei is not charging a premium for it either, so it’s all about personal preference. Sadly I’m going to have the phone in a case very quickly anyways. Personally, setting the phone down makes me nervous, the raised section at the top means that while the phone is naked against a surface the glass in front of the camera is vulnerable to the world.

Visual comparisons with the Motorola Nexus 6

 Huawei-22  Huawei-24  Huawei-25

The device feels smaller in the hand than the Nexus 6. I have gotten used to the width and curved back of my Motorola, but this is definitely an easier phone to wield. It almost feels dainty. From the specifications the weight difference between the two phones is not huge, but the Huawei feels lighter. I can’t spin the Huawei on a table like I could with the Motorola, but that’s probably better for the phone.

Aesthetically the phone is great. The beveled edges, metal body have a good look.

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