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iBUYPOWER BTS11 Budget Gaming Rig


The label reports this weighs in at 40lbs “actual weight”. I would like to know who iBUYPOWER bribed to get a package this heavy delivered without extreme damage. (I suppose they used this box to crush smaller inferior packages.)

box-1 box-3


Opening the outside brown box there is a friendly reminder that any questions can be directed to the toll -free support line that iBUYPOWER runs. (all systems come standard with a THREE YEAR warranty, and lifetime technical support.)

packing-material-1 int-box-1


The interior box sandwiched between 3 inches of anti static foam, is the standard NZXT Phantom from the manufacturer. I feel this is very smart of iBUYPOWER. Why spend time reinventing the wheel, if the manufacturer already has gone through the trouble of testing their packaging.


Removing the PC from the packaging proved more difficult than I had originally imagined. The increased weight of all the components, combined with my desire not to drop the rig took some effort to overcome.


out-of-box-1 case-logo-2


Once out of the box I began inspecting the sight before me. The case is definitely an impressive one, I am no stranger with the features of this model. It comes as no surprise that iBUYPOWER would want there name on it as well.


Looking at the IO panel I can tell that this board is a full ATX and includes USB 3.0. I can also tell that the video card is a mid-range card as it includes a standard VGA port.


Taking off the side panel I am careful not to yank to quickly on the side panel as I remember that the two 120 mm fans are most likely attached to the built in fan controller wiring. I am pleased to see that iBUYPOWER has given enough slack so this shouldn’t be an issue for unsuspecting users.


There is a custom foam insert protecting the internal components. This must be the specialized advance packing, that iBUYPOWER boasts about.

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