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IDF 2012 Opening Keynote – Haswell, Windows 8 & More @ Legit Reviews

IDF 2012 Opening Keynote – Haswell, Windows 8 & More

This morning Intel kicked off the corporations 15th Intel Developer Forum (IDF) with an opening keynote that was given by David Perlmutter. More than 4,500 attendees are expected from around the world this week to see what Intel is planning for the future. During this keynote Intel introduced the Haswell microarchitecture and even showed it running the Heaven DX11 benchmark utility!


/”Intel showed a slide that said Haswell will have uncompromised performance, all day use and greater than 10 days of connected standby. This all adds up to a mainstream notebook that has a connected standby power that is 20x better than we what we had in 2011 with the ‘Sandy Bridge’ architecture. The slide also said that Intel is targeting 2013 to launch Haswell, which supports the rumored Q2 2013 launch time frame…”

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