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Incipio DualPro iPhone 5 Case Review @ Legit Reviews

Are you looking for a case for that brand new iphone 5 that you just got? The Incipio DualPro features Plextonium plastic exterior and a shock absorbing inner silicone core for under $30. Does the Incipio DualPro provide enough protection without sacrificing style? Read on to find out when we take a look at this brand new case!


“The Incipio DualPro case turned out to be a very nice case that fit and complemented the iPhone 5 nicely. Some cases are too thick and take away from the smartphone, but that was not the situation with the DualPro. It also feels like it has the ability to protect the iPhone 5 with the two layers of protection and we love that. Silicon sleeves by themselves tend to stretch and wear out, so it is nice to have the hard shell keeping it in place…”

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