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Intel 520 Series 240GB (Raid 0 update) SSD Review

A few days ago we looked at the latest Solid State Drive from Intel – the 520 series, codenamed ‘Cherryville’. The drive is built around ‘compute quality’ 25 nanometer NAND flash memory and offers a claimed maximum sequential read speed of 550 MB/s. It claimed our top award earlier this week, thanks to the class leading performance and reassuring 5 year warranty.
So why the follow up today? Well I was genuinely that impressed with the custom Intel firmware 240GB 520 Series drive, that Intel sent another so we could update our readers with RAID 0 results. An enthusiast user with £800 burning a hole in their pocket will assuredly be contemplating a pair of these 240GB drives for blistering system performance.
Read the review here:

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