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Intel 525 Series mSATA SSD Performance Roundup @ Legit Reviews

Intel 525 Series mSATA SSD Performance Roundup

SSDs have slowly started shrinking in form factor from 2.5″ with 9.5mm height to 7mm height and now the biggest reduction in size of all, the mSATA drive. These diminutive drives pack the same performance punch as their larger counterparts complete with a 6Gbps interface but will fit in devices that 2.5″ drives have no chance of fitting. Intel set us up with five different capacities of their new 525 Series mSATA drives so come have a look to see how they compare.


“In the end, the 525 Series drives are really the mSATA version of the 520 Series drives with some additional firmware tweaks that are unique to Intel. Being powered by the SF-2281 controller, they put up stellar numbers when faced with data the controller can compress to turbocharge performance. On the 60GB drives and up, performance is roughly the same in that respect with reads all topping out around the 555MB/s mark and writes in the 520MB/s to 530MB/s range…”

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