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Intel Core i5 2500K Sandy Bridge CPU

2nd Gen Intel® Core Processor Family


Intel’s 2nd Gen Core processors integrate a suite of technologies built right into the processor that deliver stunning visual experiences, performance increases , and better power efficiency for greater speed without sacrificing battery life all at an affordable price. The 2nd Gen Core series would best be described as having your cake and eating it too, I’ll elaborate… You want to build or buy a new desktop or laptop computer and with the economy still on the rock you don’t have a huge budget to work with. You need something powerful and capable of doing day to day tasks, web browsing, checking email, writing a school paper, etc but you want the capacity to do more. How about watching DVD/Blu Ray/HD movies, streaming Hulu/Netflix, editing the movie from your vacation, encoding videos for your iPod, playing the occasional game of Lost Planet or Sid Meier’s Civilization? Usually you would have to consider jumping up in price bracket or settle for the so-so system that fits your budget… well the 2nd Gen Core series is here to fit your budget AND your demands. The visibly smart performance of the 2nd Gen series will enable you to do the basics and automatically speed up to deliver the extra performance when you need it. The smart design of the 2nd Gen also considers your mobile needs with greater power efficiency to save you battery when you don’t demand the extra performance. Updates and additions to the existing feature-set of the Core i series of processors really make the 2nd Gen series a excellent all round choice for ever increasing demands of the digital age.

The 2nd Gen Intel Core  processor family features new and improved technologies built in to the chip:

  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 dynamically increases the processor frequency as needed by taking advantage of thermal and power headroom when operating below specified limits.
    • Basically this feature enables the processor to clock up and down depending on demand, more power when you need it, less power to save battery when there is less demand.
  • Intel® Smart Cache is dynamically allocated to each processor core based on workload, which significantly reduces latency and improves performance.
    • Up to 8MB of shared smart cache
    • More cache available on the fly translate to a faster overall experience
  • Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions add hardware acceleration to AES algorithms and speeds up the execution of AES applications.
  • Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Support up to 32GB
    • H67 chipset supports speeds of DDR3-1066/DDR3-1333 max
    • P67 chipset supports speeds up to DDR3-1600, DDR3-1866, and DDR3-2133 max
    • Max Memory Bandwidth 21 GB/s
  • Intel® HD Graphics with Dynamic Frequency
    • Full integration of GPU into the CPU, graphics and processor housed in the one chip
    • Will provide a frequency boost increasing graphics performance on demand
    • Provides power savings benefit when full-on graphics is not needed, mostly a laptop battery friendly feature
    • Base graphics frequency of 850 MHz
    • Integration of graphics into the CPU die with HDMI spec 1.4 featuring available stereoscopic 3D and next version of Intel Wireless Display technology WIDI v2.0
    • Dual Display Capable
  • Intel® Clear Video HD Technology
    • High Definition playback technology on board
  • Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology
    • Intel GPU utilized to encode/decode video
    • H67 chipset  motherboards only
  • Available Intel Advanced Technologies
    • Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x)
    • Intel Active Management Technology 7.0 (AMT)
    • Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT)
    • Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1 (SSE4.1)
    • Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 (SSE4.2)
    • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (HT)
    • Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
    • Intel 64 Architecture
    • Execute Disable Bit
    • Intel® Fast Memory Access
      • Updated Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
    • Intel® Flex Memory Access
      • Facilitates easier upgrades by allowing different memory sizes to be populated and remain in dual-channel mode
  • Intel Socket LGA1155
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